Sitting that makes you ill: children move little

Sitting that makes you ill: children move little

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Sitting for long periods is a health risk that should not be underestimated

The German Health Insurance (DKV) presented its report "How healthy Germany lives?" In 2015 to the public in Berlin. The parents' survey of the media usage and the health behavior of their 6 to 12 year old children showed that the adolescents spend significantly too much time sitting each day. On weekdays, the "children would sit on average about four hours, in addition to school lessons," according to the DKV.

According to the DKV, most children also exceed the recommended maximum duration of screen activity when using media. Three quarters of the children would watch TV, play computers or surf the Internet for more than an hour a day. "72 percent of the children even have their own TV in the children's room, 50 percent have Internet access," reports the DKV. "Children practically grow up sitting and copy their parents' unhealthy lifestyle," emphasizes DKV CEO Clemens Muth.

Health behavior surveys How healthy are German citizens? Researchers from the German Sport University Cologne (DSHS) investigated this question on behalf of the DKV. On Monday, they presented the results of the representative surveys to the public. The dangers of long sitting were one of the focus of the report. According to the news agency "dpa", the private health insurance fund had over 3,000 Germans asked, for example, how often they move and what they eat. In addition, 300 parents were asked to rate the physical activity and media usage of their 6 to 12 year old children.

Overstimulation and lack of exercise According to the scientific director of the DKV report, Professor Ingo Froböse from the German Sport University Cologne, "excessive media use" is "not only overstimulation for the children", but it also usually leads to the children being too long sit still. In addition, there is a fundamental lack of exercise in many children anyway. Intensive exercise is recommended at least one hour a day, but not even every second child succeeds. Almost every fifth child only kept the hour of physical activity two days a week or less. "At the latest in primary school, the children have internalized that both school and leisure time take place primarily while sitting," emphasizes Clemens Muth.

Health risks from long periods of sitting According to the DKV, long periods of sitting are particularly critical for children because they are “in a sensitive development phase (in which they need exercise), for physical development, but also for intellectual and social. “In combination with an unhealthy diet, lack of exercise is largely responsible for the development of overweight and obesity among adolescents. Meanwhile, 15 percent of children in Germany are overweight, six percent are even obese, reports the DKV. In addition, too many children would be considered pathologically hyperactive, which the leading doctor at DKV, Wolfgang Reuter, also relates to the lack of exercise and the overstimulation caused by media use. "I fear that we occasionally misdiagnose children because they cannot live out their urge to move in a way that is appropriate for children, or because the sensory overload in front of large and small screens makes a contribution."

Long sitting often leads to physical complaints Last year, scientists from the University of Leicester (Great Britain) also examined the adverse health effects of long sitting in a study and found that this increases the risk of diabetes and heart disease. A US study also found that sitting too much increases the risk of colorectal cancer. Furthermore, long sitting is often associated with incorrect posture and complaints such as back pain, buttocks pain, neck pain, neck tension, shoulder stinging or upper arm pain. (ad / fp)

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