What to do if rehab is rejected

What to do if rehab is rejected

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What Seniors Can Do If Rehab Is Rejected

Be it due to illness or after operations: Rehabilitation is usually a great help, especially for older people. Nevertheless, it is often rejected by health insurance companies. However, senior citizens should not simply accept this. A call can help.

Rehabilitation is often rejected by the health insurance company. Rehabilitation mostly helps older people in particular. No matter whether because of an illness or after an operation: If patients are restricted in their everyday ability, they can find their way back to an independent and self-determined life with the help of rehab. Among other things, the need for care can be prevented. However, the measure is often rejected by the health insurance company. However, senior citizens should not throw the shotgun straight away. As the news agency dpa reports, just one call can help.

Personal inquiries from the clerk Seniors can generally benefit from rehab even at a very old age. Health insurance funds are responsible for geriatric rehabilitation. If the cash register refuses to assume the costs, a personal inquiry to the clerk often helps. In some cases, only individual documents that can be submitted later are missing. The health scientist Matthias Meinck pointed this out in the agency report. In addition, seniors can also file an objection, ideally after consulting the treating doctor.

Inpatient rehabilitation The experts of the Medical Service of the Health Insurance (MDK) also check whether a rehab is necessary during a nursing assessment. Here, too, older people can disagree and press for a new check. The MDK has pointed out several times in the past that statutory health insurance companies tend to reject benefits such as sick pay, rehabilitation measures or hearing aids. Geriatric rehabilitation is usually carried out in hospital and takes a few weeks. In addition to drug treatment, therapies in the form of physiotherapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy or speech therapy are often used. (ad)

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