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Federal Health Minister Gröhe: "Pill afterwards" should be exempted from the prescription requirement as soon as possible

For years politicians, doctors and women’s rights activists have been arguing about the pill's prescription requirement. While it is already available without a prescription in many countries, including Austria, Great Britain and France, women in Germany have to have the product screamed by the doctor to prevent pregnancy afterwards. Advisory organizations such as Pro Familia have been demanding unlimited access for women and women to contraception methods for many years. At least the prescription requirement for the pill could then already be dispensed with in spring. The SPD asked Federal Minister of Health Gröhe to submit a corresponding regulation.

The morning after pill will soon be available without a prescription in the pharmacy. On Wednesday, the EU Commission in Brussels decided that newer of the two preparations that are on the market for emergency contraceptives in Germany should be released throughout Europe. "We will follow the decision of the commission and adapt the German law for both preparations, which are currently on the market, as soon as possible", quotes the news agency "dpa" Gröhe on Thursday. "Our aim is to continue to provide good advice for both Ensure preparations from a single source. " The decision of the EU Commission must now be implemented by the Ministry in German law.

While "Pidana" (active ingredient levonorgestrel) has been on the market for a long time, Ellaone (active ingredient ulipristal acetate) was only approved in 2009. In many European countries, the prescription requirement for the older preparation has been lifted for years. In Germany, however, the release was prevented by the Federal Ministry of Health until the very end. The decision of the EU Commission should give women the opportunity to buy the pill without a prescription in the pharmacy and to choose between the two drugs.

SPD health politician Martina Stamm-Fibich told the news agency:
"I welcome the decision of the EU Commission to release the pill from the prescription requirement. This is a long overdue and important step for the right of self-determination of modern women. "She is convinced that" a responsible use of the pill can be guaranteed afterwards without prescription. " benefit."

Two pill supplements available afterwards Both with "Pidana" and with "Ellaone", side effects such as abdominal pain, menstrual disorders, nausea and headache can occur after ingestion. The older preparation must be taken no later than 72 hours after intercourse, the newer is effective up to 120 hours afterwards. In addition, “Ellaone” is said to be more reliable for women who weigh more than 75 kilograms. On the other hand, there is significantly less safety data for the newer pill than for "Pidana". "Ellaone" also costs almost twice as much as the other preparation. In the future, every woman can decide which preparation is more suitable for her. Advice from the pharmacist or doctor is advisable, especially for chronic illnesses.

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