Lidl calls back chocolates for Salmonella

Lidl calls back chocolates for Salmonella

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Lidl calls back chocolates for Salmonella

Lidl Germany has withdrawn the "Amidala, 200g" chocolates from sale due to the danger of salmonella. The product can also be returned to the discounter. Among other things, the bacteria can trigger gastrointestinal diseases.

Chocolates with waffle and hazelnut Lidl Germany has withdrawn the "Amidala, 200g" chocolates with a best-before date of 1 July 2015 due to Salmonella. According to a message from the dpa news agency, the discounter in Neckarsulm in Baden-Württemberg announced that the German manufacturer Flämische Keksfabrik GmbH in Kempen had recalled the product. It is pointed out that consumers should not eat the chocolates with waffles and hazelnuts. The confectionery product can be returned in all Lidl branches, even if there is no receipt left. Other products from the manufacturer are not affected.

Salmonella can cause diseases Salmonella are bacteria that can cause various diseases in humans. Among other things, complaints such as malaise, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting or even fever can occur during consumption. Such symptoms can occur especially in small children, immunocompromised people and seniors. In addition, a salmonella infection (salmonellosis) due to vomiting diarrhea can lead to dehydration (dehydration) of the organism with additional health consequences. Furthermore, salmonellosis can also trigger the infectious disease typhoid.

Knowledge: When cookies are baked again in the run-up to Christmas, some children love to snack on raw cookie dough. However, parents should note that raw egg batter can contain salmonella. The bacteria that are killed during baking can sometimes cause severe gastrointestinal complaints. (ad)

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