Study: Breast cancer vaccination works

Study: Breast cancer vaccination works

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Study: Breast cancer vaccination works

In the United States, researchers developed a breast cancer vaccine and tested it on patients for the first time. The study showed that the tumor did not grow in many of the women taking part after the vaccination.

Breast cancer vaccine tested American scientists have developed a breast cancer vaccine and tested it on patients for the first time, reports the "Rheinische Post Online" (RP). According to the information, the active ingredient prevented further development of tumors in almost all participants. For the study, researchers led by William E. Gillanders from the Washington University School of Medicine in Saint Louis administered 14 patients with the vaccine, which teaches the body to recognize cells that make up the protein mammaglobin-A.

Only minor side effects found This protein is formed by breast cancer cells in the tumor and also in the metastases. As RP Online writes, vaccination could be helpful for a large number of patients because this protein can be found in the tissue in 80 percent of all breast cancer cases. In the clinical journal "Clinical Cancer Research", the scientists report that the phase 1 study had mild to moderate reactions to the vaccination. Some of the patients suffered from a rash, tenderness or flu-like symptoms. However, no serious side effects occurred.

Small number of test participants In the year after the vaccination, half of the patients had no further progression of the tumor disease. In the control group, in which there were also twelve women, on the other hand: in this group, only two women stopped the growths. However, due to the small number of subjects, it is not possible to say exactly whether the success can really be attributed to the vaccine. A new, larger study is now planned by the US researchers, in which patients with newly diagnosed breast cancer should participate.

Vaccination right after diagnosis According to the scientists, the best time to administer the vaccine is immediately after the diagnosis of the disease. So before surgery and chemotherapy. Because then the immune system is still able to learn to effectively fight cancer cells, the researchers suspect. According to figures from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), breast cancer is diagnosed in over 70,000 women in Germany every year. Around 17,000 women die of it every year. Although many types of cancer can be treated well if they are diagnosed early, many people in this country do not go for a medical check-up. This was also made clear by a survey by DAK-Gesundheit, which was recently reported under the headline: “Fear of cancer: every second person without precaution”. (ad)

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