Scabies alert in Coburg Clinic

Scabies alert in Coburg Clinic

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Several patients with scabies contracted the Coburg Clinic

In the Coburg Clinic, several patients are infected with scabies. This is reported in the online edition of "Neue Presse Coburg". However, the press spokeswoman for the Regiomed Clinic Association, Birgit Schwabe, is said to have emphasized that the disease is not due to a hygiene problem in the clinic, but that there would be an increasing number of scabies cases in the region.

Patients with scabies suffer from an itchy rash. Scabies is a parasitic skin disease that is accompanied by red pustules, severe itching and pain. The cause of the uncomfortable complaints is scabies mites, which deposit feces and eggs in the skin of those affected, where they trigger allergic reactions.

Itch mites usually look for parts of the body with a thin horny layer and a higher body temperature, so that in particular the spaces between the fingers, wrists, elbows, genital area, buttocks, navel, armpits, the area behind the ears, knees, flexors of the joints, ankles and feet are affected. The neck and head are often affected in small children. First of all, the infection runs without symptoms. It is only after about two to five weeks that there is an immune reaction with the typical symptoms.

Several patients at the Coburg Clinic are currently affected by this unpleasant illness. According to the newspaper, more cases of scabies have been registered nationwide this year than usual. According to the report, patients at the Coburg Clinic were treated several times for other health complaints, which only later turned out to have scabies. In this way, it was also possible to infect clinical staff through skin contact. According to Schwabe, there is no reason to panic. "The disease is unpleasant, but it can be treated well," the press spokeswoman is quoted by the newspaper as saying. (Ag)

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