Against smelly feet in winter

Against smelly feet in winter

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Tips for sweating and smelling feet in winter

When the temperatures drop and paths and streets become increasingly icy, sturdy and warm footwear is required. However, robust and weatherproof shoes favor perspiration in many cases. In order to counteract sweaty feet, certain factors must be taken into account when buying winter shoes, as Thomas Brunner jr., Managing Director of syNeo® Cosmetics, knows. So which shoe provides the necessary well-being?

Keep your eyes open when buying shoes Flexible material provides the necessary freedom of movement, a treaded sole offers a secure grip in icy ground conditions. But the most important criterion when choosing winter shoes is a breathable fabric. Due to the use of inferior materials in the mass production of discount shoes, sweat builds up in the shoe even at normal outside temperatures. In combination with bacteria, this quickly leads to unpleasant smells and consequently to a general feeling of discomfort for the person concerned. "Synthetic materials promote the formation of sweat, as well as too tight shoes," explains Thomas Brunner jr. “Closed shoes prevent sweat from evaporating and create a real sweat chamber. In the worst case, this leads to skin irritation or fungal diseases. "

What helps? Those who observe the following can avoid sweaty feet: First of all, shoes made from natural materials such as leather should be worn. These are breathable, stretchy, tear and rub resistant, heat insulating and supple and, despite their robustness, ensure the right feel-good climate on the foot. Shoes with a breathable membrane are also recommended, as they allow perspiration to evaporate, but protect it from the ingress of water and slush. In addition, it is advisable to change winter shoes every day and to disinfect them with a spray about once a week to prevent bacteria from spreading. Thin leather insoles also ensure a pleasantly fresh footbed. “With strong sweaty feet, high-performance deodorant antiperspirants help, which are applied directly to the skin and thus prevent sweat production at the source. A synergistic complex of active ingredients reduces perspiration by up to two days, ”explains the managing director of syNeo® Cosmetics. With these simple tips, nothing stands in the way of a healthy winter. (pm)

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