Rat poison: 14 dead after mass sterilization

Rat poison: 14 dead after mass sterilization

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Rat poison traces: 14 women die after mass sterilization

In India, at least 14 women have died after mass sterilization. Poisoned drugs are believed to be the cause. The agents are said to have contained a substance that is also used in rat poison.

Medicines contained substance that is used for rat poison At least 14 women died in India after mass sterilization. As the dpa news agency reports, this was probably due to poisoned medication. The Chhattisgarh authorities said the drugs the women were given after the procedure were likely to contain zinc phosphide. The zinc-phosphorus compound (Zn3P2) is normally used to produce rat and mouse poison.

Treating doctor arrested According to media reports, 20 women are still receiving intensive care. Alok Shukla of the state health agency said, "The symptoms that the women showed are those that usually occur after consuming zinc phosphide, which is commonly used in rodenticides." According to the information, a doctor who has already been arrested had on November 8, 83 women in a hospital in Bilaspur severed the fallopian tubes. In the days that followed, almost all of them complained of pain, nausea and fever.

Sterilization is the most common method of contraception in India. In addition to the doctor, the owner of the drug factory Mahawar Pharma and his son were also arrested. It is reported that "the drugs, an antibiotic and a pain reliever have been sent to government laboratories for chemical analysis." According to the Press Trust of India news agency, "all of the company's products have been withdrawn from the market. As in many other parts of the subcontinent, Chhattisgarh has numerous sterilization camps each year." It is by far the most common method of contraception in India. In most other countries in the world, the birth control pill and the use of condoms are probably the most common methods of contraception. (ad)

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