Medicinal products catalog decisive for sales tax

Medicinal products catalog decisive for sales tax

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From the beginning of July 2015, the sales tax reduced to 7% will only apply to spas that are prescribable according to the GBA's catalog of medicinal products. A corresponding prescription by doctors or alternative practitioners will no longer have to be available in the future.

This was announced by the Federal Ministry of Finance. So far, a spa tax rate of 7% has been applied if these spas "serve the treatment of an illness or another health disorder and thus the protection of human health" (§ 12 paragraph 2 No. 9 sales tax law).

Therapeutic products catalog decisive In future, reference will explicitly be made to the GBA's catalog of prescription medicines. The following are recognized as prescribable: Peloid baths and packs, inhalations, electrotherapy, healing massage, therapeutic gymnastics and underwater pressure jet massages. A tax reduction can be considered for these measures if they are not completely exempt from VAT as medical and non-medical treatment.

Foot reflexology and acupuncture massages excluded Excepted from the reduced sales tax are non-prescribable curative treatments such as non-invasive magnetic field therapy, foot reflex zone, acupuncture massage or Atlas therapy according to Arlen.
This also applies to massages - unless it is a healing massage - sauna, various non-prescription baths (e.g. aroma, sea water, chocolate or hay baths) and light treatments. The full VAT rate also applies to bodybuilding and fitness training. (pm)

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