Smoking lung: morning cough could be COPD

Smoking lung: morning cough could be COPD

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Clarify morning cough: It could be COPD

Every year, more than three million people worldwide die from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). An indication of the disease, also known as smoking lung, can be a cough in the morning. Experts therefore advise you to have a morning cough clarified by a doctor.

Three million people killed by COPD Every year over three million people worldwide die from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), reports the Swiss National News Agency (SDA). Around 400,000 people are affected in the Alpine Republic. In Germany, it is estimated that three to five million people are affected. The main symptom of the widespread disease is the so-called smoker's cough, which can often initially appear as an apparently harmless cough in the morning with expectoration and slight difficulty in breathing.

Warning signs should be taken seriously If warning signs are ignored for too long, the consequences can be dramatic. For example, those affected suffer from shortness of breath even in quiet situations and are therefore severely restricted in their mobility, as the SDA writes. The Swiss Lung League is now providing reliable information on a possible illness in an online risk test. The experts there wrote about the test: "This COPD risk test provides an initial indication of how great your risk of developing COPD or whether you are already ill."

Early diagnosis and smoking cessation help As a rule, patients in the final phase of the disease rely permanently on additional oxygen. COPD is neither curable nor can the destruction of the lung tissue be reversed. But early diagnosis, combined with stopping smoking, can help slow the progression of the disease and maintain a good quality of life for as long as possible. According to the information, COPD can be diagnosed relatively easily. A lung function test (“Lufu” or spirometry) should be carried out at a low risk - which can be determined using the online test, for example.

Lung function test for breathing difficulties This test usually does not take longer than ten minutes and is useful for all people with breathing difficulties. According to the information, it is particularly recommended for smokers over the age of 45. The Swiss Lung League advises and cares for people with lung diseases and respiratory disabilities, promotes their self-help and works with its commitment to clean air to ensure that fewer and fewer people develop lung and respiratory diseases . (ad)

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