Nursing increases the pension entitlement

Nursing increases the pension entitlement

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Increased pension when caring for relatives

Caring for relatives is often an enormous challenge that takes a lot of time and often makes normal care givers' work impossible. Those affected have to reduce their weekly working hours, which not only results in direct loss of income, but also reduced payments into the pension fund.

In order to compensate for disadvantages for the future pension of the caregiver, the long-term care fund pays contributions to the statutory pension insurance, reports the German Pension Insurance Federation. Prerequisite is a time spent on care of at least 14 hours a week. If more than one person is cared for, the individual care times can be added together, the message goes on. However, the supplementary pension is only paid if the professional activity does not take more than 30 hours a week.

Disadvantages for the pension are compensated For the care of relatives at home has a high social value, but often “your own professional activity can only be carried out to a limited extent due to the time involved”, explains the German pension insurance. In order to compensate for the associated disadvantage for later pension payments, the long-term care insurance fund may pay additional contributions to the pension insurance. According to the official information, "depending on the length of the weekly care and depending on the degree of need for care, contributions between 118 and 418 euros per month" can be paid. In this way, the monthly pension entitlement increases by seven to 22 euros after one year of care. The long-term care insurance fund will check whether there is a claim to the supplementary pension or whether the prerequisites have been met, and the necessary information can be obtained from the carer.

You can find more detailed information on the demands of the nursing staff in the brochure "Pension for carers: their use is worthwhile", which the Deutsche Rentenversicherung makes available free of charge on the Internet at The brochure can also be ordered on the toll-free service phone of the German Pension Insurance under 0800 1000 4800. (fp)

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