Data collection against cancer

Data collection against cancer

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Berlin and Brandenburg start new register for better patient care

There was great satisfaction on Wednesday among representatives of health insurance companies, the Berlin health senator Mario Czaja (CDU) and some doctors who described the cancer registry newly presented by Czaja as "big hit" due to the fact that cancer is the second leading cause of death in Germany. All that was missing was a state treaty to start.

Cancer registry should serve quality assurance According to a press release from the Berlin Senate Department for Health and Social Affairs, the new cancer registry thus complies with the statutory obligation of the federal states to set up such clinical cancer registries, as set out in the National Cancer Plan.

There, in addition to the previous collection of number and type of cases per region, data from diagnosis to treatment steps and successes as well as follow-up to relapses related to treatment are to be statistically recorded and evaluated.

The resulting knowledge of the evaluation should then be available to the treating physicians. In this way, the interdisciplinary cooperation directly related to individual patients is further promoted in the treatment. This makes the clinical cancer registry an effective "instrument for quality assurance of cancer treatment", the press release continues.

Since many of the cancer patients treated in Berlin come from Brandenburg and Brandenburg already has a clinical cancer registry and thus has experience, this is "a synergy-bringing solution" for the region.

Better data basis in the future - patients should benefit from improved treatment For Czaja, this has created an "essential basis" for setting up a clinical cancer registry: "With the clinical cancer registry, we are creating an important tool for improving the quality of cancer treatments. Through the cross-facility merging and evaluation of standardized information on diagnostics, therapy and the course of tumor diseases, treatments and tumor conferences will have a significantly better data basis. "

Long negotiations by the health senator preceded the establishment of the joint cancer registry, also because it concerns data protection and doctors are reluctant to hand over patients.

Accordingly, patients have a right to object. In addition, the names of the patients would only be made available to the treating physicians. In addition, however, all doctors should have access to the anonymized medical data in order to improve their treatments.

However, according to Czaja, in order to achieve effective changes in treatment strategies, "a high reporting rate is required." Therefore, he appeals "now to actively participate in all doctors treating cancer so that the clinical cancer registry can be a success", said Czaja in the press release. According to the PNN, doctors in Berlin would report 84 percent of cancer cases, in Brandenburg almost 99 percent.

Praise, but also criticism There are also critics who, even if they expressly praise the establishment of the joint cancer registry, point to the troubled situation in the Berlin healthcare system. In addition, green health expert Heiko Thomas from Berlin, for example, criticizes the fact that it is not yet clear “whether all the actors willingly give their data.” Meanwhile, the number of tumor diseases in Germany is increasing in line with the average age of the population. (jp)

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