Turkish boy not on donor heart list

Turkish boy not on donor heart list

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Turkish boy is not on list for donor heart

In a court ruling, it was decided that the Gießen University Clinic does not have to put a heart-sick boy with severe brain damage on the waiting list for a donor organ. The doctors do not consider the Turkish two-year-old to be transplantable.

Two-year-old boy is not on the waiting list After a month-long dispute, the district court in Gießen has now decided that the University Hospital in Gießen does not have to put a heart-sick boy with severe brain damage on the waiting list for a donor organ. This emerges from a message from the news agency dpa. The judges thus supported the approach of the treating physicians, who consider the two-year-old unable to transplant due to the damage and the associated risks. The boy is currently connected to an artificial heart. According to the information, the parents' lawyer wants to appeal.

Brain damage after cardiac arrest At the end of March, the parents came to Germany for treatment with their son from Turkey. The boy suffered a cardiac arrest shortly before moving from an Istanbul hospital to Gießen. The doctors in Gießen then found that the two-year-old had suffered severe brain damage as a result. The doctors therefore decided not to put the child on the waiting list, after which the parents called the court in September. The reasoning for the judgment now states that the doctors' assessment is not objectionable. Both the corresponding standard of the Transplantation Act and the guidelines of the German Medical Association are effective. The doctors had relied on these regulations.

Doctors reject allegations of discrimination In recent weeks, the case has caused a sensation. Some critics have accused doctors of discriminating against disabled people. Politicians also spoke up. As the "Spiegel" reports, the left Bundestag member Kathrin Vogler said: "Getting a donor organ should not be a question of a wallet or a disability." The clinic has repeatedly rejected such allegations. The judges backed the doctors in their verdict, declaring that there was no discrimination. So not the brain damage itself, but the associated increased operational risks are an obstacle to the transplant.

Clinic wants to approach parents The parents' lawyer said he regretted the court's decision. The criticism brought up against the Transplantation Act and the guidelines of the German Medical Association would be hidden. The spokesman for the university clinic in Gießen said that the judgment sees the assessment of the case as “fully” confirmed. Now they will approach the parents and discuss the remaining treatment options. First, the parents had agreed on a so-called interim comparison in the dispute with the clinic. The parents were given four weeks to find another clinic. However, since this failed, the court had to decide.

Care at a high level Even though cardiac surgery care in Germany is at a high level, the heart surgeons believe that the number of heart transplants in Germany continues to develop dramatically. It was reported at the beginning of the year that such interventions at the 22 transplant centers in Germany that transplant donor hearts have declined significantly since 1997. At the time, an expert explained that around 1,000 patients were on the waiting lists and mostly had to wait months for the life-saving transplants. (ad)

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