Mastering everyday work in pregnancy

Mastering everyday work in pregnancy

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Pregnancy: With dizziness & nausea from everyday work

In the first months of pregnancy, many women are plagued by nausea and vomiting. Nevertheless, they have to cope with their everyday work at this early stage of pregnancy as usual. Here Professor Ekkehard Schleußner, board member of the German Society for Gynecology and Obstetrics (DGGG), gives the dpa news agency some tips to counteract pregnancy sickness.

For example, the expert advises that the daily meals be divided into many small portions, since the consumption of larger amounts of food can increase the nausea. Pregnant women should also take time to eat. Food that is quickly looped down is counterproductive in any case. Furthermore, pregnant women often have difficulty eating acidic fruits such as kiwi or orange. Sour fruit in the office in between can also increase nausea, according to the DGGG expert. The "dpa" cites ginger tea as a good home remedy for nausea during pregnancy, referring to Prof. Schleußner. "If the taste is not too extreme, you can also chew on the tuber," the news agency quotes the board member of the DGGG.

Drink a lot and exercise enough While ginger can provide relief from nausea during pregnancy, spicy foods and spices should be avoided here as they can lead to increased nausea, the specialist explained. In addition to certain changes in diet, the DGGG expert also advises the consumption of plenty of fluids in order to prevent the equally widespread dizziness and possible circulatory problems in pregnant women. Regarding the suitable drinks, Prof. Schleußner explained that coffee helps many professionals to get through the day-to-day work more cheerfully, but it can only be enjoyed in moderation. "Coffee during pregnancy is allowed", but the expert recommends a maximum of two to three cups a day, according to the "dpa." In addition, a healthy level of exercise or sport can help stabilize the circulation, reports the news agency, citing Prof. Schleußner. (fp)

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