More and more outpatient operations

More and more outpatient operations

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Number of outpatient operations almost quadrupled

More and more citizens in Bavaria are coming under the knife. The number of outpatient operations in the Free State has almost quadrupled since 2002. Inpatient treatments also increased. The Bavarian Ministry of Health attributes this to the aging population. A left-wing politician shares responsibility for the billing system for the increase.

Outpatient operations almost quadrupled More and more citizens are being put under the knife in Bavaria's hospitals. The number of outpatient operations has almost quadrupled since 2002. As reported by the State Statistical Office in Munich, according to a message from the dpa news agency, the number rose from a good 61,000 in 2002 to just under 240,000 last year. And the number of inpatient treatments has also increased by more than 200,000 in the past twelve years, from just under 2.7 million to almost 2.9 million. Surgery accounts for a good third of these fully inpatient treatments.

Slight decline in full inpatient operations According to the Munich Ministry of Health, there has been a slight decrease in full inpatient operations, at least in the past five years. However, this was far less than the boom in outpatient interventions. According to the State Statistical Office, the change in hospital bills is the main cause of the rapid increase in outpatient operations. In 2004, the case flat rates were introduced.

Left-wing politician criticizes billing system However, Harald Weinberg, member of the Left Bundestag in Nuremberg, sees different backgrounds. Compared to dpa, he criticized: "The population is not getting sicker, the system is sick." The billing system uses flat rates to incentivize clinics to "treat as much, as quickly and as little as possible". The Ministry of Health in Munich, on the other hand, attributes the rise in inpatient treatment to the aging population.

Advances in anesthesia The ministry's statement also states that medical advances offer more and more treatment options. So now older people are operated on more often than before. A spokesman for the ministry said that advances in anesthesia allowed surgeries to be performed at a much older age than a few years ago. Experts repeatedly advise patients to think carefully about whether to opt for outpatient treatment. It should be taken into account, among other things, that everyday life is often difficult to accomplish even after a small outpatient operation. (ad)

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