Legionella in NRW: origin found

Legionella in NRW: origin found

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Legionella in NRW: origin found

Legionella in NRW: origin possibly found

After it became known in the past few days that numerous legionella diseases had occurred in Jülich in North Rhine-Westphalia, the source of the infection may now have been found. An increased number of bacteria had been found in the water of the re-cooling plant at Forschungszentrum Jülich.

Possible trigger in the cooling plant After Legionella has been measured again in the Düren district in the past few days, the source of the infection for Legionella diseases in Jülich in North Rhine-Westphalia may have been found. As the district of Düren announced on Friday, a significantly increased number of legionella has been found in the water of a cooling plant at the Research Center Jülich. Now further investigations should show whether the cooling plant is actually the trigger for the diseases.

Pneumonia caused by Legionella According to reports, the plant was shut down on Friday and will only be put back into operation after thorough disinfection. According to a dpa report, 24 people have been diagnosed with pneumonia caused by Legionella. In three of these patients, legionella could be detected directly in the bronchial secretion. Now there is a chance to create a genetic fingerprint of the pathogen and compare it with the samples from the cooling plant. In the other 21 patients, the Legionella were detected indirectly via antibodies in the blood.

Symptoms to the doctor If people are infected with Legionella, there are usually rather non-specific symptoms that cannot be clearly attributed to the disease. Most people initially experience symptoms such as fever and chills. In addition, muscle pain, especially in the chest area, as well as irritable cough may occur. In the further course symptoms like shortness of breath, headache, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea as well as isolated neurological deficiency symptoms can be observed. With such complaints, it is advisable for people from the region to see a doctor. (ad)

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