Adolescent rheumatism patients discontinue therapy

Adolescent rheumatism patients discontinue therapy

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Many young people with rheumatism break off contact with the doctor

In adolescents with rheumatism, the transition is a clear weak point, according to the experts at the 24th annual conference of the Society for Child and Adolescent Rheumatology (GKJR). Around a third of adolescents with rheumatism discontinue therapy with the transition to adulthood and only make contact with the doctor significantly later, reports the "Ärzte Zeitung", citing a joint communication from the GKJR and the German Society for Rheumatology (DGRh) .

Difficulties in the transition from adolescent rheumatism patients Transition is the planned therapeutic transition from chronically ill children and adolescents towards therapy for adults. Continuous treatment should be ensured here to avoid deterioration. However, adolescents with rheumatism often break off contact with the doctor during the transition to adulthood, reports the "Ärzte Zeitung". According to the information from the professional associations, however, the joints or eyes may already be damaged the next time you go to the rheumatologist. Therefore, continuous therapeutic support is required.

Switch to adult medicine too early and too abrupt Current studies have shown that every third person feels the change from child-specific to adult-specific therapy is too early and one in four feels too abrupt, according to the "Ärzte Zeitung", citing the communication from the GKJR and the DGRh. Consultation hours to prepare for the transition would be offered by more than 20 child rheumatological facilities nationwide, but fewer than one in five people affected use them. By transferring the Berlin transition program, which was specially developed for diabetes and epilepsy, to the field of rheumatology, the experts hope to achieve significant improvements in the future. (fp)

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