Hundreds of girls mysteriously ill

Hundreds of girls mysteriously ill

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Unexplained symptoms in girls in a small town in northern Colombia

Mysterious illnesses in Colombia: As the Swiss newspaper “” currently reports, more than 200 girls in the small town of El Carmen de Bolivar in the north had unexplainable symptoms such as fainting fits and feelings of numbness. The girls' parents now suspect that there may be a connection with a recent cervical cancer vaccination.

Girls had all been vaccinated against HPV in the past few months. According to the newspaper "", more than 200 girls are currently suffering from an unexplained illness in the small town of El Carmen de Bolivar in northern Colombia. They report severe headaches and numbness, and according to the responsible authorities, they would always lose consciousness. So far, the cause of the symptoms has not been clarified, but it turned out that all the girls affected had been vaccinated against HPV with the "Gardasil" vaccine from the American manufacturer Merck over the past few months. According to the mayor of El Carmen de Bolivar, Francisco Vega, "the first cases of the mysterious illness already occurred in May, since then there have been more and more girls affected, so that last weekend alone 120 girls were brought to the hospital with the same symptoms had to be ". However, the situation was not life-threatening in all cases, instead all the girls were able to quickly return home.

Sick from side effects of Gardasil? But where do the symptoms come from? According to the parents of the girls, the vaccine could be an allergic reaction to the vaccine. But health experts are against it and assured that Gardasil is safe. According to, Veronica Trulin, Head of Communications at Merck in Latin America, also emphasized the safety of the vaccine: "All vaccines, including those that were sent to Colombia, meet all the necessary quality and safety standards".

Vaccine already used in 2.9 million women According to "", health minister Alejandro Gaviria also warned of mass media hysteria and criticized concerns about the active ingredient, which has meanwhile been used in 2.9 million women in Colombia. "On the one hand we have the weight of scientific knowledge and on the other we have the opinions and moral prejudices" - taking into account that in Colombia more than 3,000 women die from cervical cancer each year. The exact cause of the fainting fits and feelings of numbness should now be clarified with the help of blood tests, the results of which are expected in about a week. (No)

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