Liberia: 17 Ebola patients flee the clinic

Liberia: 17 Ebola patients flee the clinic

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17 Ebola patients escape from clinic in Liberia

In the capital of Liberia, 17 Ebola patients fled a quarantine station on Saturday evening after slum dwellers stormed the clinic. Previously, it had been announced that the entire poor district in which the incident occurred should be quarantined. The spread of the dangerous disease is now feared.

Whole poor neighborhood should be quarantined In Liberia, 17 Ebola patients fled a quarantine center. As the newspaper "Front Page Africa" ​​reported on Sunday, the patients had left the hospital in a poor district of the capital Monrovia with the help of angry citizens who had previously entered the clinic. It was said that there were confirmed and suspected cases among the patients. The Ministry of Health had previously announced that it would quarantine the entire slum where the incident occurred to prevent residents from traveling to other areas.

Catastrophic hygienic conditions in the slum The West Point slum is densely populated and is very close to the city center of Monrovia. Around 75,000 people live in the district. The agency said, "We will bring groceries and other goods to West Point before the measure takes effect." Numerous citizens have reacted angrily to the announcement. According to the report, the poor district has catastrophic hygienic conditions. According to a UN investigation, there are only four public toilets in the area. There are more, but they are chargeable and therefore not affordable for the population. After the incident, there are now fears that the refugee patients could infect other people.

Doctor in Nigeria is healthy again Dramatic news is also coming from other countries affected by the Ebola epidemic. It was said only a few days ago: "Nigeria: hospital staff flee Ebola". Accordingly, more and more doctors and nurses are fleeing hospitals for fear of contracting the Ebola virus. Over 160 patients who showed Ebola symptoms were under observation in the most populous country in Africa. There is also positive news from the country about successes in the fight against Ebola. It was said that a doctor who had fallen ill several weeks ago in Nigeria was healthy again. Health Minister Onyebuchi Chukwu said on Saturday evening that the woman had been released from the Lagos hospital and could now start a normal life again. In addition, it was said that another five of the twelve infected people confirmed in the West African country were on the mend and "almost healed". (ad)

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