Large alarm after fear of the syringe at the dentist

Large alarm after fear of the syringe at the dentist

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Large alarm from police and fire brigade about a syringe at the dentist

The sheer chaos broke out in the municipality of Murg in Baden-Württemberg after a dentist put an anesthetic injection. Because everything went wrong that could go wrong, the police and fire department went out.

A dentist's anesthetic injection had a truly "resounding effect". The seven-year-old patient fainted out of excitement. His twin brother was so emotionally moved by the incident that he also fell down in fear. In order to clarify worse, the practice called the rescue control center. But this only started the chaos, as the police later determined.

Flat alarm due to a communication error
Because suddenly there was talk of gas leaking in practice. "The practice requested emergency medical services, but something went wrong in the communication." For this reason, not only was an ambulance sent out, but also a large contingent of police and fire services. As soon as they arrived, the rescue workers cleared the entire practice. As a precaution and for the safety of those present, as it was later called. The two children were immediately taken to a children's clinic. Subsequently, twelve people received medical care. However, the fire brigade could not determine a gas leak by measurement. So it was a "blind alarm", as the police admitted in a message. The two children are doing well again in the meantime.

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