Train doctors in dealing with patients

Train doctors in dealing with patients

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Gröhe: Better training doctors in dealing with patients

During training, doctors and nursing staff should be better prepared for working with patients. This was requested by Federal Minister of Health Hermann Gröhe. The CDU politician is thus reacting to an AOK study, according to which many Germans have little health knowledge.

Improve patient management

Both doctors and nursing staff should be better prepared for working with patients in their training. He told the Rheinische Post on Wednesday: "Dealing with patients, and this includes an understandable language, must play a greater role in the training of doctors and nursing staff." Minister Gröhe was responding to an AOK study, according to which 60 Percent of those insured by law have “problematic” or “inadequate” health literacy.

Many do not find their way in the healthcare system

One can conclude from this as yet unpublished representative study by the AOK Scientific Institute (WidO), which was published by the “Rheinische Post” on Tuesday: one in four Germans does not understand his doctor. According to this, a quarter of the patients could not independently implement what the doctor advised them to do. "The fact that many people find it difficult to find their way around our healthcare system has to shake us up," said Gröhe. Knowledge about health arises especially in personal discussions.

Respect for the patient

"It is a question of respect for patients that their illness and treatment options are explained to them in an understandable way," said the Minister of Health. The head of the AOK federal association, Jürgen Graalmann, took a slightly different direction of the conclusions from the results of the study. He told the newspaper: "We have to find out that the image of the sovereign patient got scratches." He found the results surprising and called for "health education" to be more firmly anchored in school lessons.


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