Infections favored by sun and air conditioning

Infections favored by sun and air conditioning

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Increased risk of infection from air conditioning and sunbathing

Colds and flu infections are generally associated with the cold season, but the risk of viral infections should not be underestimated, even in summer. Sun baths and air conditioning systems make the organism more susceptible to the so-called summer flu, warns in this context the Federal Association of German Internists (BDI).

The sunbaths and the air from the air conditioning systems increasingly dry out the mucous membranes and thereby lose their defense function, reports the news agency "dpa", citing the experts from the Federal Association of German Internists. The viruses then start on the dried out mucous membranes, explained Peter Walger, senior physician at the Medical University Polyclinic in Bonn and a member of the BDI. With regard to the rampant cold infections in the German national team at the World Cup in Brazil, the BDI expert explained that these are hardly surprising given the enormous physical stress, combined with the extreme drops in temperature between the air-conditioned rooms and the outside air.

Drying out the mucous membranes increases the risk of infection Sufficiently moistened mucous membranes are generally an essential factor in the defense against pathogens. Since a large number of viruses circulate in the summer months, drying out of the mucous membranes through pronounced sunbathing and the air in the air conditioning systems can result in increased infections. "Every virus has its own ecology," quotes the "dpa" the Bonn infectiologist Walger. The different flu viruses would multiply particularly strongly at different temperatures. Even in warm regions of the world or in the summer months, the risk of an influenza infection (influenza) should not be underestimated.

Drink a lot, avoid drafts and air conditioners. Viruses enter the body either through droplets in the air (droplet infection) or through direct contact with contaminated objects such as doorknobs or telephone receivers (smear infections). Dried out mucous membranes offer a particularly sensitive gateway. According to the expert, a lot of drinking is required to adequately moisturize and bleed them. In addition, drafts and air from air conditioning systems should be avoided as far as possible. If the viruses have already entered the body and have caused a corresponding infection, medication and home remedies for typical symptoms such as sore throat, headache, body aches and fever help. Gargling and the use of nasal drops are also recommended, according to the BDI expert. (fp)

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