Little boys are allowed to cry - but not men?

Little boys are allowed to cry - but not men?

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Poll: Are Crying Men Embarrassing?

"An Indian knows no pain" or "Men do not cry": Such macho-like sayings are widespread. But not only now, while football stars crying almost every day can be seen at the World Cup, many people find that men can also shed tears.

Public crying is not the order of the day for half of the men. Eliminated after a penalty shoot-out or because of an injury: At the moment, many soccer stars can be seen with tears in their eyes during the World Cup. However, according to a survey, more than half of German men believe that crying in public is not the order of the day for male adults. This is the result of a representative survey by GfK Marktforschung Nürnberg for 1,013 women and 973 men aged 14 and over on behalf of the "Apotheken Umschau". 54.5 percent of the men surveyed had thus shared this view. The proportion of women was 25.9 percent.

Men are taught early not to show feelings. "Particularly embarrassing" would be 45.8 percent of men and 22.0 percent of women if men shed tears. Only 28.0 percent of male respondents don't mind crying in the presence of others. This is 57.0 percent for women. One reason for the negative attitude towards tears could be the previous upbringing. With 36.9 percent, more than one in three male respondents indicated that he was taught as a child not to show his feelings if possible. This was 22.4 percent for women and 48.0 percent for men aged 50 and over, almost every second. According to the information, the men were more tolerant of tears shed by boys. These should cry just like girls, according to the survey found 78 percent of men and 92.5 percent of women.

Tears promote health If men would say goodbye to their macho ideas and take an example from their football-playing peers, who increasingly express their emotions through tears, they could also do something good for their health. Tears relieve emotional tension, reduce stress and flush harmful substances out of the body, as the German Green Cross in Marburg reported last year. According to the experts, certain proteins are released in the body in the event of sadness, anger or jealousy, which in large quantities can literally cause illness. These substances can be washed out of your body when you cry. In addition, people who never let their emotions run free and reduce frustration, grief and aggression would increase their risk of headaches, migraines, indigestion and heart problems. (ad)

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