Barbecue accidents: Doctors warn of fire accelerators

Barbecue accidents: Doctors warn of fire accelerators

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Caution: burns from grilling accidents

Even if the weather is currently preventing many of them, barbecuing causes thousands of accidents, some of them severe burns. Around a third of the injured are children. Doctors warn of fire accelerators when barbecuing.

Thousands of barbecues every year

In the warm season, thousands of barbecuing accidents occur in Germany every year, and specialist clinics for burn injuries then have their hands full again. In the fire injuries center in Halle alone, two seriously injured people were brought in every summer due to barbecuing accidents, as the center's chief doctor, Mathias Kaiser, said according to a dpa report. Typical grilling accidents would occur when lighting the coal if fire accelerators were poured into the fire and "explosively" impacted "a wall of fire on bystanders", says Kaiser. Flames could blow several meters from the grill. "Up to 50 percent of the body's surface can be burned in seconds."

A third of the injured are children

Around a third of those injured in barbecues are children, as the initiative for children with fire injuries, a Hamburg-based association, announced. “Children are often at the grill with their parents,” says initiative chairwoman Adelheid Gottwald. "The children are at eye level with the grill and are particularly badly injured." The result of this is often lifelong scars and a long, painful treatment. Gunter Klohs, senior physician for pediatric surgery at the University Hospital Halle, said: "The depth and area of ​​the burn injury is crucial when treating children." Experts recommend more safety measures when grilling. Caution should be exercised not only with fire accelerators, but also when setting up the grill to avoid the risk of tipping over and subsequent burns. It is also recommended to wear special barbecue aprons and barbecue gloves that are not as flammable as conventional clothing.

Accidents are avoidable

As the Federal Statistical Office calculated for 2012, around 10,000 children and adolescents up to the age of 19 with burns are hospitalized nationwide each year. According to the initiative for children injured in fire, around 1,300 of them are victims of grilling accidents. "People think they have everything under control - and make negligent mistakes," said Gottwald. "Barbecue accidents are the only accidents that are 100 percent preventable." Only a few days ago you saw alcohol in the grill section of a petrol station. "Just because alcohol is cheap is still used, which is terrible," said the expert.

Professional help in case of fire injuries

The head doctor of the burn injury center in Halle said: “It is normal for fire injuries to occur from time to time. It is only important to get professional help quickly. ”Home remedies such as toothpaste on the wound would do more harm than good. The doctor recommends ointment and professional help. "From a burn of about one percent of the body surface, that's a palm-sized injury, a specialist should be consulted," says Kaiser. For minor burns, natural home remedies can also be used in some cases. The healing effects of aloe vera play an important role in this. (ad)

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