Chicken eggs contaminated with dioxin in Lower Saxony

Chicken eggs contaminated with dioxin in Lower Saxony

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Chicken eggs with dioxin: search for causes continues

Although a few days have passed since eggs containing dioxins were found on a farm in Lower Saxony, the search for the cause continues. Dioxin eggs pose a significant health risk. So far, the State Ministry has assumed that none of the contaminated eggs have been sold.

Eggs contaminated with dioxin discovered in Lower Saxony A few days ago in Lower Saxony, eggs were found in a chicken farm in the Cloppenburg district during a routine check. It is still unclear how the poison got into the eggs; it will be determined. New results are expected in the coming week. As the Ministry of Agriculture in Hanover said on Friday, it is assumed that no eggs contaminated with dioxin and dioxin-like PCBs have yet been released. The following day, a ministry spokesman said, "The search for the cause can take a while."

The cause is still being sought. The farm concerned with 5,400 laying hens was closed on Thursday, so that no eggs, egg products or chickens may be marketed from there. The contaminated eggs would be disposed of. The location of the farm has not been announced. Especially on farms in Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia, eggs with pollutants were found frequently two years ago. In addition to the feed, the floor, the litter in the stables and the house insulation were also examined in search of possible causes. According to press reports, in one case the flooring under the fence of the chicken spout was identified as the source of the pollution.

Controls had been tightened after the feed scandal After the scandal involving dioxin in feed at the end of December 2010, the controls had been tightened. At that time it became known that a northern German feed company had used industrial fats contaminated with dioxins for the production of feed. Thousands of laying hen farms, pig and turkey breeders were affected by the poison in the feed. Even if no contaminated products are said to have entered the market in the present case, there is a general health risk from dioxin eggs.

Serious health consequences The consequences of dioxin poisoning from contaminated eggs range from hormonal imbalances to cancer: Since the total load increases over the course of life, even low concentrations can be dangerous. Possible consequences of too high a dioxin load are disorders of the immune system, nerve conduction and hormone balance as well as immunotoxic effects due to changes in the thyroid gland and skin damage - the so-called chlorine acne. Damage to the liver is also possible. Dioxins also increase the risk of developing cancer. Dioxin is particularly dangerous for children. For them, eating one or two contaminated eggs could have serious health consequences. (ad)

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