Give your feet a five-minute break every hour

Give your feet a five-minute break every hour

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Give your feet a five-minute break every hour

At work or on a shopping spree: Those who are on their feet a lot know the problem of aching feet. You can get relief by giving your feet regular breaks. Special gymnastics are also helpful.

Regular breaks for the feet An extensive shopping spree, on the way to work: Many people are familiar with the problem of aching feet. In order to counter foot pain and bring refreshment, you should allow your feet to rest regularly. According to a message from the dpa news agency, Christoph Eichhorn from the German Orthopedic Association (DOV) in Cologne advises: "Sit down for three to five minutes every hour and take off your shoes." Shoes without a footbed are also not recommended because they do not support the foot support enough. Women should have comfortable spare shoes with them if they do not want to do without stilettos when shopping. Because then they can switch if necessary, should they get foot sole pain.

Exercise to strengthen the muscles In order to prevent possible pain and often associated walking difficulties, strengthened muscles can also help. Eichhorn recommends: "Tiptoe is an ideal exercise for this." This strengthens the muscles deep into the calf. For the exercise, the heels are repeatedly raised and lowered so that the person stands on the ball of the toe. If the soles hurt despite all the preventive measures, a massage with a light foot cream can help. Eichhorn advises those who experience pain again and again after a short run should seek advice from an orthopedic surgeon.

Different causes of foot pain Medical advice is particularly important if foot pain also occurs regardless of heavy stress. The pain can be caused by numerous different causes, ranging from vascular diseases to sprains, breaks or torn ligaments to rheumatic diseases, gout, osteoporosis and arthrosis. Frequently, the pain can also be attributed to excessive pressure, poor circulation or impairments or diseases of the nerves. (ad)

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