Is there a moon influence on surgery pain?

Is there a moon influence on surgery pain?

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Study: moon has no influence on pain after surgery

A recent study shows that the phases of the moon have no influence on the pain after surgery. Researchers at the Jena University Hospital evaluated the data from over 12,000 patients from nine European countries.

Significant influence is attributed to phases of the moon The sign of the moon has a significant influence on our life. Psychological problems and sleep disorders are associated with it, but also the influence of the phases of the moon on the treatment of warts, the planting of vegetables or giving birth to children. There are only a few areas of life for which advisors do not recommend observing the moon phase. Researchers at the University Hospital Jena have now provided more clarity in one of these areas. According to the results of their study, the moon has no influence on the pain after surgery.

No influence on postoperative pain The scientists had analyzed the data from 12,224 patients from ten hospitals in nine European countries, as described in the specialist journal "British Journal of Pain" (" 72 ”). Data from the four moon phases full moon, waning moon, new moon and waxing moon were compared with each other. "The result is clear," said Dr.-Ing. Marcus Komann, IT coordinator of the Jena Pain Register Project, with. “Postoperative pain is not affected by the moon phase. Planned operations can therefore be put on any day without hesitation. "

No connection between moon phases and psychological problems The results are an interesting “by-product” of the PAIN OUT initiative, which contains the world's largest data collection on acute pain therapy. Earlier studies have also dealt with the possible influence of moon phases on humans. A few years ago, Canadian scientists led by Genevieve Belleville from the School of Psychology at Laval University in Quebec published a study that examined the effects of "lunar cycles on anxiety, mood disorders, panic and thoughts of suicide in patients" and came to this Result that there is "no connection between the different phases of the moon and the occurrence of psychological problems". (ad)

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