German seniors swear by naturopathy

German seniors swear by naturopathy

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Complementary medicine is popular in Germany. Now a team from the Berlin Charité has determined how much and in what form seniors actually use complementary medicine.

In order to capture the real conditions as possible, the scientists at the Charité contacted older citizens over 70 with different living conditions. The question was asked about the use of all natural products and processes that were taken with a medical objective.

58.7% are satisfied with complementary medicine According to this, 61.3% of the elderly use a form of complementary medicine. Dietary supplements such as vitamins and minerals come first (35.5%). Herbal medicines are used by 33% of the respondents, followed by topical applications (26.8%). 58.7% of users describe a positive effect of complementary medicine. Nonetheless, most seniors (64.9%) prefer a combination of complementary and conventional medicine.

Little known about interactions Seniors often do not inform their doctor that they are taking complementary medicine on their own. However, more than half of the users (57.9%) do not know whether and which interactions the agents could cause with conventional medicines. The scientists point out that this is not without problems. (Source Carstens Foundation)

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