TCM: Therapy with medication reduction

TCM: Therapy with medication reduction

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Chinese medicine begins therapy with drug reduction

A disease rarely comes alone - at least that's how it often happens to older people. Experts believe that more than 60 percent of people over 60 suffer from several illnesses at the same time. What is still somewhat harmlessly described by the term multimorbidity often presents many people with an inevitable situation: For example, the tablet for joint pain often leads to stomach acidification in the long run and thus to chronic gastric mucosal inflammation, which in turn requires medication to be taken against excess stomach acid. A vicious cycle arises because the medication changes the digestive process, which in turn affects the inflammation of the joints. Functional restrictions and necessary drug therapies are fatally intertwined.

Dr. Christian Schmincke, medical director of the Chinese medicine clinic at the Steigerwald, sees a problem in the approach of conventional medicine: "It is not the patient as a whole who is treated, but individual organs, joints or the psyche." Correspondingly, prescribed medications can block each other weaken or strengthen. In their combination, their side effects can often no longer be estimated. An experiment with consequences. The Health Council of Experts estimates that over 80,000 hospitalizations per year due to adverse drug effects. Treatment according to the holistic principles of Chinese medicine therefore first provides for a detailed medical history in multimorbid patients. Through discussions, pulse and tongue diagnostics, the TCM experts learn how illnesses are related. They distinguish in particular between symptoms and the underlying disease processes. "Afterwards, we have extensive discussions with the patients about which medications should be discontinued immediately, which ones should be replaced by treatment with Chinese medicinal therapy, and which ones remain vital and can possibly be administered in lower doses," explains Dr. Schmincke, who, like his colleagues, has a license to practice medicine.

“We cannot stop taking some drugs - a type 1 diabetic, for example, needs his insulin. But we are trying to free the patient from painkillers, psychotropic drugs and immunosuppressive drugs. ”The most important pillar is Chinese medicine therapy. The doctors compile the recipes individually for each patient from raw substances such as roots, flowers or barks. This recipe is boiled up and drunk in small sips throughout the day. The doctors regularly check the effects of the so-called decoctions and adjust them. They support acupuncture, juice body therapies such as Qi Gong, Tuina massages and vegetarian nutrition. (pm)

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