Red Bull & Co. affect brain blood supply?

Red Bull & Co. affect brain blood supply?

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Researchers: Red Bull and Co. affect blood supply to the brain

The advertising says that Red Bull gives wings. But as researchers from Freiburg believe, such energy drinks do more of the opposite. According to the doctors, energy drinks should negatively affect the blood supply to the brain.

Energy drinks strain the heart. The advertising promises that Red Bull gives wings. But doctors at the University of Freiburg believe that these, like other energy drinks, tend to do the opposite. The so-called energy drinks strain the heart and reduce the flow of blood in the main artery of the brain. According to a report by the "NZZ am Sonntag", the researchers found this out in tests with 20 to 31 year old subjects. As part of the study, the 25 participants had to drink either a can of Red Bull or the same amount of water, after which the doctors tested the effects on the bloodstream for two hours. The results of the study were published in the "European Journal of Nutrition".

Less blood flow to the brain Even though it turned out that the energy drink had a stimulating effect on the entire cardiovascular system, this did not surprise the researchers. However, they were surprised to find that Red Bull increased resistance in the largest of the three cerebral arteries, reducing the flow of blood. This means ten percent less blood flow to the brain. Even if the findings question at least the revitalizing influence of the energy drink on the mind, according to these results, Red Bull is not harmful to health. This was pointed out by study director Erik Konrad Grasser. The Red Bull company criticized the fact that the study did not include other drinks such as coffee or orange juice.

High sugar and caffeine content Energy drinks are repeatedly criticized. Not only the high sugar content, but also the caffeine content in these drinks, which can also be harmful to young people in particular, are causing reproaches to the manufacturers. An excess of caffeine can lead to side effects such as restlessness, nervousness, nausea, insomnia or rapid heartbeat. Experts therefore advise that children, pregnant women, nursing mothers and people sensitive to caffeine should avoid such drinks. (sb)

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