Better fitness through athletic foods?

Better fitness through athletic foods?

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Athletic foods often do not improve fitness better than a balanced diet

Fitness bars, protein shakes and sports drinks are extremely popular among athletes. They promise the optimal supply of the important nutrients and should also promote performance and muscle building. The news agency "dpa" spoke to nutrition experts who took a closer look at the fitness products. Their conclusion: conventional foods can meet the nutritional needs of athletes just as well as special sports nutrition.

Nutrient ratio of sports nutrition and comparable conventional foods is approximately the same. The nutrient ratio in fitness products is comparable to that of conventional foods, informed the Consumer Center Saxony. Special foods for athletes did not increase fitness more than other foods. Rather, it is crucial to choose a food that is appropriate for the sport.

Hobby athletes do not have to cover their increased protein requirements with expensive protein shakes, but can eat a lot of natural protein with curd cheese with apple pieces, milk-fruit shakes or yogurt with banana. This was indicated by the nutritional advice Rhineland-Palatinate. Bread with ham or low-fat cheese is also recommended. In general, animal foods such as meat and milk as well as plant foods such as grain products contain a lot of protein. The two combined, complement each other very well, because the body can process the protein better in this way. For example, fish with potatoes or oatmeal with milk are healthy, protein-rich meals.

Studies have so far not been able to demonstrate a demonstrable increase in performance through the consumption of sports nutrition. Rather, a placebo effect is discussed in this context. Excessive amounts of special protein can even harm the body. 0.8 to 1.0 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight were sufficient for “Ottonormal athletes”, reported Ingo Froböse from the Center for Health at the Cologne Sports University. With a very high physical load, such as in an intensive muscle building phase, the daily amount of protein can be increased to 2 to 3 grams per kilogram of body weight for a maximum of two to four weeks, according to the expert. (ag)

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