Study: chocolate is healthier than expected

Study: chocolate is healthier than expected

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Study: chocolate is healthier than expected

Most people see chocolate as an unhealthy fattener. But the popular luxury food is much healthier than expected. According to a study, products containing cocoa can reduce the risk of heart attack, for example. So nothing should stand in the way of chocolate snacking at Easter.

Chocolate lowers the risk of heart attack Easter is just around the corner and often involves large amounts of chocolate eggs and rabbits. The Germans are passionate chocolate fans all year round anyway. After all, a quarter of the population eats a bar of chocolate at least once a week. Most people are not aware that the sweet temptation can not only make you fat, but can also have positive effects. As researchers from the University of Cambridge in a study found, eating chocolate is said to reduce the risk of heart attack, or even 50 percent with daily consumption.

Not too much snacking However, according to the British study, this only applies to dark chocolate, where the cocoa content is particularly high. The reason for this is the substance it contains, flavonol, which binds cell-damaging substances. According to the dpa news agency, the scientists were able to determine a 37 percent lower risk of heart attack in people who eat many cocoa-containing products. In addition, the risk of other cardiovascular diseases was lower compared to people with very little cocoa consumption. According to the researchers, the risk of a stroke also fell by 29 percent among chocolate lovers. However, you shouldn't snack too much, because the sweet luxury food contains a lot of sugar and fat in addition to cocoa. The study was therefore unable to confirm the motto "a lot helps a lot" in this context. The results of the study had been published in the British Medical Journal.

Good quality can be recognized by the gloss and cracking. The roughly 20 percent of the German population who suffer from lactose intolerance do not have to do without chocolate. You can usually switch to fine dark chocolate, since the ingredients usually do not contain milk or milk powder. If you value good quality, you should pay attention to the gloss of the chocolate. Because, as the chocolate manufacturer "Rausch Plantagen Chocolate" explained according to dpa, a rough surface indicates moisture deposits. A white coating shows that the fat content has deposited on the outer layer of the chocolate. Another quality feature is the noise when you break the chocolate. You can recognize a good product by the appetizing crack. The higher the cocoa and cocoa butter content, the more clearly the chocolate cracks.

Dark chocolate good for health Even previous studies have shown that dark chocolate in particular can have a positive impact on health thanks to its high cocoa content and less sugar. Bitter chocolate can lead to an increase in antioxidants in the blood, which in turn protect the cardiovascular system. In addition, further studies have shown that dark chocolate cocoa butter lowers bad cholesterol (LDL) and increases good (HDL). Another positive feature has only recently been demonstrated: black chocolate protects against stress. Scientists at the Universities of Bern and Zurich have found that dark chocolate has an impact on the release of stress hormones and can thus protect against the negative health effects of stress. Incidentally, chocolate was sold through pharmacies until late in the 19th century because it was considered to be health-promoting. (sb)

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