Compensation after cosmetic surgery

Compensation after cosmetic surgery

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Woman in coma after cosmetic surgery - clinic, doctor and medical student stick

Errors in hospital treatment are by no means uncommon, but they rarely reveal such culpable behavior that this results in legal liability of the clinics, doctors or nurses. The situation was different for a woman who fell into a coma after a supposedly harmless cosmetic operation. The Mainz Regional Court has now decided on the liability of the responsible doctor, the clinic in Mainz and a medical student.

The extent to which the defendants should be liable is determined by the court after taking further evidence. This could result in substantial fines, because the patient's husband claims more than 800,000 euros in damages for the care of his wife. After the cosmetic surgery in 2011, the student mistakenly administered an anesthetic to the mother of two during her night watch, and the patient fell into a coma. From this she has not awakened until today.

In such a case, the family situation changes for the family members due to the treatment error. The enormous maintenance effort can hardly be accomplished without professional support. However, the costs for this often go beyond the budget of the households. Financial compensation is therefore important for relatives, with which they can cover at least part of the costs. However, the claim for damages often ends in a year-long legal dispute, the outcome of which remains uncertain. In the current case, however, the plaintiff can at least hope for some compensation. (fp)

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