Half of cancer patients are permanently cured

Half of cancer patients are permanently cured

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The specter of cancer can be cured in more than half of the cases

For many people, cancer is the greatest “bogeyman” among the diseases and is linked to great fears, incurability and hopelessness. However, the chances of a cure are much better than many have assumed, so that many more people are now dying from cardiovascular diseases than from cancer.

Diagnosis of cancer mostly associated with incurability and hopelessness Anyone who receives the diagnosis of cancer reacts shocked and quickly connects it with fear of death and a feeling of hopelessness. But in many cases the disease is far less hopeless than is generally assumed - in Germany every second cancer patient is now being cured, the head of the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ), Otmar Wiestler, told the dpa news agency. Accordingly, cancer is still anchored in the public eye as a great danger, "but today it is the case that this very negative image of cancer is no longer justified," emphasizes Wiestler.

Cardiovascular diseases are now the most common cause of death Given the good chances of a cure, the assessment of the dangerousness of cancer, for example in comparison to Alzheimer's, is not correct, the expert continues. Because while this is an irreversible form of dementia, the chances of a cure for cancer are increasing. If, according to the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ), it is taken into account that people are getting older on average today than they were 20 years ago, cancer mortality in Germany has been declining for years: While before 1980 more than two thirds of all patients did not have the disease survived, cancer could be permanently defeated in more than 50% of cases today. Cancer is no longer the "number one cause of death" as many have assumed - instead, significantly more people are dying from cardiovascular diseases (2013: 40.2%) such as a heart attack or stroke. (No)

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